Event: Liquid Art Media Project

07 May 2019

On May 17th, join scientists, artists, and beyond for a free hands-on organic art experience using analog projection and fluid interactions!

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City College - Day of Science

24 Apr 2019

We celebrated science at City College

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Planetarium Open House - Thank you!

25 Oct 2018

Takeaways from the OpenHouse

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Planetarium Open House

10 Oct 2018

Come by for a quick tour - of the universe!

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Adding New Mars Landscapes

02 Oct 2018

How to add new HiRISE data into openspace.

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Starry Skies in the Basement

20 Aug 2018

The planetarium was a big deal in 1975. Here's a clip from The Campus that highlights the new facility.

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Spherical Mirror Setup

01 Aug 2018

Here's our spherical mirror hardware

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Original Drawing

24 Apr 2018

The technical drawing from the original manual

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About the Upgrade

03 Apr 2018

A brief description of the upcoming improvements the CCNY Planetarium

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The New Website

03 Apr 2018

A new home for the planetarium, online

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