Our Vintage Orrery

05 Jul 2024

After several years of sitting in pieces, we've finally refurbished our vintage orrery. It will be on display in the dome.

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Space Rovers - A Cosmic Book Launch

25 Apr 2024

Join us and Stewart L. Sinclair (CCNY MFA Creative Writing, '20) to celebrate his new book: Space Rover.

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2024 Eclipse - Photos and more

15 Apr 2024

Here's what we saw on April 8th

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2024 Eclipse

31 Mar 2024

Join the CCNY Physics club to watch the eclipse on April 8th

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The Holmdel Horn

26 Jan 2024

Our visit to the legendary Holmdel Horn Antenna where the Cosmic Microwave Background was first detected.

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Live Space Shows - Spring 2024

25 Jan 2024

Join us for some live space shows this spring.

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The JWST - First Science Release

06 Jul 2022

Come join us in the dome to watch the release of the first Science Images from the JWST

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The Five Planets - Live Space Show

29 Apr 2022

Our first live show in 2 years is all about the planetary alignment currently underway in the eastern pre-dawn skies.

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Interpreting Astronomy Visualizations for Beginners

05 Apr 2022

Here are some of the techniques used by scientists to help visualize the cosmos, for the purposes of communicating their science

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What is Science Visualization

29 Mar 2022

A brief overview (for non-specialists) of what we do as science visualizers (SciVis for short) in the planetarium.

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Planetary Conjunctions and Alignments in the Early Mornings of Spring 2022

18 Mar 2022

The planets are doing cool things while we're sleeping

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How to see an umbra with an extended source

02 Jul 2021

Every wonder why the shadow of the moon in an eclipse is smaller than the moon? Make a mini eclipse yourself!

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Globe Drawing for Earth Day

16 Apr 2021

Let's make some globes

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Mars 2020

18 Feb 2021

The long awaited arrival of Mars 2020 and the Perseverance Rover is today!

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An Allsky/360 Virtual Great Conjunction History

20 Dec 2020

Everyone is saying this one is special. But, how does it compare to previous Great Conjunctions?

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Some quick shots of the Great Conjunction from NYC

19 Dec 2020

Don't mind me here on the sidewalk, I'm just taking pictures of these awesome planets.

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The Jupiter Saturn Great Conjunction of 2020

09 Dec 2020

When wandering stars align

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Vizualizing Ancient Star Catalogs

02 Nov 2020

Sci Viz with 2000 year old data

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Martian Star Trails

23 Jun 2020

Let's try some introductory astrophotography... on Mars!

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Manhattanhenge - virtual viewing

06 Jun 2020

Can't make it to Manhattanhenge this year? Nor can we, so we've decided to simulate it

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New Video and Channel

13 Apr 2020

We will be closed for a little while, so enjoy this in the meantime

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Event: Liquid Art Media Project

07 May 2019

On May 17th, join scientists, artists, and beyond for a free hands-on organic art experience using analog projection and fluid interactions!

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City College - Day of Science

24 Apr 2019

We celebrated science at City College

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Planetarium Open House - Thank you!

25 Oct 2018

Takeaways from the OpenHouse

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Planetarium Open House

10 Oct 2018

Come by for a quick tour - of the universe!

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Adding New Mars Landscapes

02 Oct 2018

How to add new HiRISE data into openspace.

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Starry Skies in the Basement

20 Aug 2018

The planetarium was a big deal in 1975. Here's a clip from The Campus that highlights the new facility.

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Spherical Mirror Setup

01 Aug 2018

Here's our spherical mirror hardware

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Original Drawing

24 Apr 2018

The technical drawing from the original manual

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About the Upgrade

03 Apr 2018

A brief description of the upcoming improvements the CCNY Planetarium

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The New Website

03 Apr 2018

A new home for the planetarium, online

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