2024 Eclipse

• CCNY Planetarium

Observe the April 8 Eclipse at 3pm with the CCNY Physics Club

2024 Eclipse
Composite rendering of several hours of eclipse shadows passing over North America

It’s here. Many of us have been waiting since 2017 for another chance to see one of our solar system’s main attractions - a solar eclipse. Our advice is to get yourself to totality if you can! (Within reason of course). In just a few hours drive north, you can reach upstate NY where the moon’s umbral shadow will pass through - aka the path of totality. Cities like Rochester are gearing up for a major event! But, if that’s not in the cards, we understand. NYC will still offer a good view! About 90% of the sun will be covered by the moon.

Simulated view of the April 8 Eclipse over NYC. Peak should be around 3:30 pm. [Simulated with OpenSpace]

If you will be watching in NYC on the 8th, then you are welcome to join the CCNY Physics club for an observation event on the CCNY campus. The peak time is around 3:30 pm, but there will be excitement from about 2:45 to 3:45. We’ve calculated the position of the sun during the peak of the eclipse and it appears it will be visible from the area in front of the NAC building. We will have the solar telescope set up which will allow for safe viewing of the sun during the eclipse. (We will not have many standard eclipse glasses to give out, so please try to grab a pair from another source before hand. NYP libraries have them, as do several other establishments!)

Simulation including the shadow of the buildings. You don't want to be in there! [Simulated with OpenSpace]

Here’s a detailed view of the planned location. Right in front of the North Academic Center (NAC) by the college seal. The peak of coverage will be around 3:30 pm EDT, but the club will be out there from about 2:45 to 4. Excuse yourself from class, or whatever meeting you might be in and go join them! This won’t happen again for a long, long time!

2024 Eclipse
The plan is to set up here! April 8th around 2:45pm. (If we have to move elsewhere, just look for the physics students and the telescope!)

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