Live Space Shows - Spring 2024

• CCNY Planetarium

We’re open!

We’ll be doing weekly shows this spring. Open to all, but you’ll want to get a ticket. Get one here: →

And if eventbrite isn’t your thing, then send us a note to and we’ll add you to the will call list.

(Walk-ins ok too, but we’ll have to seat ticket holders first)

About the show

This isn’t just a movie. We’ll be piloting our spaceship live making stops all over the solar system, galaxy and beyond. You can ask questions, request destinations, or just sit back in our retro 1970’s chairs and stare out the 30 ft sunroof into the cosmos.

About time

Shows will run about 40 minutes, and start promptly. Doors open about 10 minutes before the listed start time and will have to close shortly after the start time. Unfortunately, we can’t be letting people trickle in late since it ruins the experience for the rest of the guests and it’s really dark. (Just pretend you’re trying to actually catch a rocket launch - they won’t be able to just open the doors real quick if you’re 5 minutes late). (i.e. No Late Seating)

The Current Schedule:

See our Show Schedule page for the current schedule.

About your visit

We are located in the Marshak Science Building on the City College Campus. The entrance to the building that is currently open is located at approximately 160 Convent Ave. (Though there is no obvious address indicating that). Any CUNY ID will get you in the building without issue, but external community members will likely have to sign in at the front desk. Here is a google map pin: Google Map to Marshak and a map is below. See our visiting page for more important details.