Meet the director

James Hedberg
James Hedberg at the controls of the Spitz 512

The director of the planetarium is Dr. James Hedberg. He is currently designing and installing the new projection system and working on assembling the various technologies that will create the visualizations. He teaches undergraduate physics and astronomy courses at City College. He enjoys creating scientific visualizations and building web based science sims. He hasn't written any books, but has met people who have written books.


T. Lewis
T. preparing for a show.

T. Lewis

  • Major: Science Learning and Public Engagement
  • Project: Asset development and show authoring.
Chen Gao

Chen Gao

If you are interested in helping out, or producing a show, or getting involved in some way, then please give us a shout at

Former Directors

  1. Prof. Michio Kaku
  2. Prof. Victor Chung