Different Views of Mercury

Shown here is the planet Mercury. We've sliced the image up to show 3 different types of color layers. On the left, is the Enhanced Color Mosaic. It's not quite what the human eye would see, but the color variations on the surface show what we might see if we had a wider range of color vision. In the center is a monochromatic version, i.e. black and white. On the far right is the Color Shaded Relief map, which represents surface heights as different colors, useful for understanding the elevations on the planet. In the end, none of these are exactly what our eyes would see if we looked at Mercury, but since it's unlikely any of us will ever be this close, then let us make the best of it, and enjoy the views provided by the enormously successful Messenger Mission.

Credit: Rendered with OpenSpace, by James Hedberg.

License: CC BY-NC 4.0

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